Transport and Traffic Modeling

A tool for more qualified planning and decision-making

Traffic and transport prognosis have been one of Tetraplan's trademarks for decades. Since the late 80'ies Tetraplan has developed a considerable know-how on mathematical transport and traffic models and offer a substantial know-how in a range of models and tools.

The TMM model - the model for the local authority.
A first class tool to simulate and make forecasts of transport and its consequences. Tetraplan has a large number of customers among local authorities using traffic modeling as an active tool in local planning.

The OTM model - the model for the large city.
This comprehensive tool has been developed over decades to cater for the larger and complicated big city environment in the Greather Copenhagen Area. Tetraplan's customers have e.g been the Municipality of Copenhagen and the Danish Transport Ministry. The OTM model is a perfect tool to make reliable forecast on the consequences of e.g. major new road constructions, environmental zones in cities and toll rings.

The TRANS-TOOLS model - the model for European traffic forecasts
TRANS-TOOLS has been developed to forecasts transport and traffic activity in the EU and the adjacent countries. TRANS-TOOLS is a large an quite complicated model capable of handeling the massive task of distributing and forecasting transports at the entire traffic network of Europe - covering both road, train, water or air. The model has been used as a tool to assist the EU Commission in creating a better background to strategic decision-making at Union level.

Tetraplan's know-how on modeling beyond the borders of Denmark.
Do not hesitate to contact us, to discuss model issues and the possibilities of applying our modeling know-how outside Denmark. We also work with partners in a number of countries, and would be happy to extend our knowledge to create value for our customers abroad.