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Strategic Plans

Looking ahead

Strategic plans bridges the gap between the current situation and future goals. Based on the situation today, strategic plans can map the steps needed, and list combinations of tools, to get the desired future.

The most typical types of strategic plans Tetraplan develops are:

Traffic and environmental plans
Traffic and environmental plans provide an overview of the challenges and possibilities both at present and in the future. By focussing on the accessibility and mobility of the various users of transport in the municipalities, it provides a good starting point for political prioritisation and decision. Tetraplan utilize a number of approaches and sources to create overview of challenges and possibilities. This includes analysis based on local information from the national transport survey, transport models to estimate effects of new housing, estimations of effects of new initiatives.

Mobility Management
Through Mobility Management a broad range of tools are put in play: Both the traditional infrastructure provision, and the also the softer measures as information, campaigns and personal economic benefits. The goal is to minimise the negative side effects from transport by minimising the need for transport, providing alternative to individual car trips and to ensure that use of the existing transport infrastructure in maximised. Tetraplan is involved in national and European MM projects. And is partner in Gate 21, a triple-helix cooperation in the Grater Copenhagen Area to promote and test MM measures.  

Bicycle plans and strategies
Cycling is ultimately the healthiest and most environmental-friendly means of transport. And many of the larger Danish cities has a high - and still rising - percentage of trips performed by bike. Tetraplan has comprehensive knowledge of the cyclists e.g. market shares in various trips, age groups and geographies,  and know-how of the initiatives that can promote cycling.