Research Management

Facilitating international research cooperation

More focus is put on the need for research to be international compatible and to build on the strengths and expertise found in the international research environment - also in order to create national centres of competence. Tetraplan has a lot of experience in facilitation of cooperation between Nordic and European researchers and research programmes, to the benefit of all partners.

Dissemination of research results
Articles for international publication and thick reports are not sufficient to create a flow of knowledge into the sector. Solitary research results have great value, but must be put into context for the sector to utilise and process it. Tetraplan has thorough experience in disseminating groundbreaking research in a technical yet accessible form. This being résumés of national and international research on specific topics or "translating" and giving context to research, making the knowledge accessible for the sector.

ERA-NET TRANSPORT: Facilitating trans-European research 
Tetraplan has been a partner in the European research cooperation ERA-NET TRANSPORT since the initiative started in 2004. The main focus is to facilitate trans-European research through pooling of national funding. Tetraplan plays an active role in setting up the framework for trans-national funding initiatives, is responsible for the active promotion of the joint calls, the newsletters, and for providing guidelines for national funding programmes to make them better geared for trans-national funding cooperation. For more information about ERA-NET TRANSPORT, see:

NTF: A Nordic forum for exchange of research results
The forum consists of Ministries of Transport and transport research institutions in the five Nordic countries. The aim of Nordic Transport Forum (NTF) is to strengthen the Nordic research communities and exchange of research results. NTF organises seminars and workshops to ensure knowledge exchange and networking amongst Nordic research communities. And support the setting up of joint Nordic transport research calls: The latest being "Sustainable Freight and Logistics in a Nordic context" a call of Euro 1,14 mill. funded jointly by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and administered by NordForsk. Tetraplan acts as secretariat for the Nordic Transport Forum. For more information see: