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Research Projects

Tetraplan in research

Tetraplan participates in a number of research projects. We choose to participate in projects that matches our competences  - and where we can learn more through participation. The most resent being:

Facilitating trans-European research 

Tetraplan has been a partner in the European research cooperation ERA-NET TRANSPORT since the initiative started in 2004. The main focus is to facilitate trans-European research through pooling of national funding. Tetraplan plays an active role in setting up the framework for trans-national funding initiatives, is responsible for the active promotion of the joint calls, the newsletters, and for providing guidelines for national funding programmes to make them better geared for trans-national funding cooperation.

Find more information about ERA-NET TRANSPORT at the webpage.

Interconnections between passenger transport networks

INTERCONNECT is concerned with the role of local and regional interconnections in the context of longer distance passenger journeys. Effective interconnection between trip legs is a necessary feature of a growing proportion of passenger journeys, particularly of those which contribute most to regional and national economies. Effective interconnection requires the provision of integrated networks and services which are attractive to potential users and this is likely to require cooperation between a range of authorities and providers in the public and private sectors and may necessitate a wider vision than might otherwise prevail.

Find more information about INTERCONNECT  at the webpage.  

Developing visions and action plans for transport and technology policy in the EU

Tetraplan was a partner in the project to develop a long-term vision and robust and adaptive action plans for both transport policy and technology policy, made with the involvement of the relevant stakeholders in the project process, in order to achieve a sustainable long-distance freight transport. 

In the light of the need for reductions in emissions from freight transport and the increase of congestion on the European transport infrastructure, EU has to deal with the following challenges in the freight sector: Ensure and increase economic growth and deal with an increase of freight transport demand, while at the same time reduce environmental emissions, dependency on fossil energy and accidents, and avoid congestion and other negative impacts on the environment and the population.

The results of the project can be found here. 

TEN Connect
Report on Scenario, Traffic Forecast and Analysis of Traffic on the TEN-T, taking into Consideration the External Dimension of the Union

Tetraplan was coordinator for the EU funded project. TEN Connect was an analysis of the existing Trans European Network for Transport (TEN-T) as part of the process of developing the EU transport policy from 2010 and onwards. The goal of the study was to create a database on traffic flows throughout the Union's territory and beyond as an input for further decisions.

The TEN Connect Project was financed by the European Commission - DG TREN and was finalised in December 2009 in cooperation with eight other international partners and six subcontractors.

The TEN Connect final report can be found here

TRANS-TOOLS is the most recent state-of-the-practice transport-oriented 4-steps forecast model available at EU level that includes specific socioeconomic modules based on complementary modelling paradigms.

Tetraplan was partner in the project TRANS-TOOLS. The model is a European transport network model covering both passenger and freight, as well as intermodal transport, which overcomes the shortcomings of current European transport network models and provide the EU Commission with an in house updated instrument of simulation.