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Public Transport

Buses, trains and metro

In general the issues of public transport address the management of bus-, train-   and metro facilities.  But in essence the challenge is to provide transport for people between homes, jobs, education, shopping facilities, spare time, weekend and holiday arrangements of all kinds.

Tetraplan has a lot of knowledge both of the users and the solution in public transport:

Public transport plans and strategies
New challenges have arisen in the public transport sector: new organisational structure between municipalities, regions and bus providers, fewer costumers and rising fuel prices have lead to added cost for municipalities. Tetraplan has a lot of experience in re-defining the overall service goals based on the need and wishes of the actual bus costumers. And to streamline the service to benefit more costumers at a lower cost.

Service and demand
Good provision and timely departures are important for the users of public transport. But different user groups (school children, commuters, the elderly) ask for different services. Tetraplan has a lot of experience in distilling the needs and wishes of different user groups and setting up reasonable service measures that balance the wishes of the users with the price of running public transport.

Transport for special need groups
Special need groups are not a uniform group and as the planning of services take place in different departments of the municipalities, it is often difficult to coordinate. An outside look on the many services can provide better coordination. Tetraplan has put focus on all aspects of transport for special need groups: the requirements of the users, the services provided, and the possibilities of cutting costs, while at  the same time providing a better service.