EU Projects and International Collaboration

Tetraplan is a capable partner

Tetraplan has substantial experience and know-how on transnational collaboration in the Nordic Counties, the EU and beyond the borders of Europe.

We have built an international network of partners and contacts capable of facilitating the goals of our clients and creating value.

Tetraplan has functioned as a project leader and project coordinator at numerous projects for the EU Commission and also in the EU framework programmes of research and development.

In addition, we have assisted our clients in their participation in EU programmes, and with specialised knowledge to organisations, Ministries and Public Agencies in their international endeavours.

We have often been responsible for writing of an EU project proposal, to set-up an international consortium behind a project, to arrange a healthy project economy/project liquidity plan, to negotiate the final contract with the EU Commission, and to get the projects going based on partner/lead partner agreements, detailed project plans etc., and then finally to conclude projects with a report and acceptance of the final payments form the EU Commission.

Tetraplan is capable within short notice to set-up a project team with massive international experience under the leadership of senior advisors with at least 15 years of experience on international projects and international relations.