Trafikale konsekvenser

Assessment of Traffic Impact

From knowledge to action

The issues of the impact of traffic are many, including noise, safety and environment. We can assist in assessments to predict which impacts to expect and, at a later stage, which impacts have in fact materialised.

In assessing the impact of traffic the main competences of Tetraplan are:

Assessment of noise from traffic
The negative health effects of noise from roads and rail is getting more and more attention. A comprehensive mapping of the noise, and Noise Action Plans, provides an important tool to prioritise noise abating initiatives. And to secure that future housing areas are not facing noise problems. Supported by our own noise model MapNoise, Tetraplan is well qualified to conduct both mapping, introduce (and measure effects of) abetment initiatives and develop long-range Noise Action Planes

Analysis of traffic accidents
One accident is one to many.  By mapping and analysing past accidents, future accident can be prevented. Tetraplan has developed MapUheld (MapAccident) that provide overview and forms the basis for action.

Environmental effects
Tetraplan assesses the effect of proposed new infrastructure for both road and rail based on knowledge of current traffic flows, and a solid knowledge of the habits of transport users. Data is gathered using a variety of methods, as traditional traffic counts, license plate analysis, postcards analysis and questionnaires. A traffic model is set up and calibrated, and thorough estimates can be made of predicted changes in traffic flows, changes in noise on existing housing areas and other environmental impacts of new infrastructure. Also when new infrastructure is planned or changes foreseen on existing infrastructure, EEA's and SEA's can be a wise choice. Tetraplan has a lot of experience in providing the effects of traffic flows and the enduced environmental effect. We also make full EEA or SEA, from start to finish, in close cooperation with trusted and skilled partners. 

Municipal parking strategies
The battle between parked cars and space for city activities is ongoing in many cities. Solid information on the use of the available parking, profiles of the people using parking in the city and their views of the parking facilities, gives the basis for a forward strategy. Tetraplan has vast experience in mapping, analysing and assessing effects of future parking solutions.

Impact assessments
Evaluating the effects gives valuable information, especially when brand-new measures and initiatives are put into use. Learning for future initiatives requires careful planning: Tetraplan has experience in setting up before and after evaluations that ensures the right and relevant information is available for future projects.  

Foresights and diligence
Looking ahead by looking back can provide solid steppingstones. Important is the ability to distil different effects: What is caused by a specific measure, and what is caused by the general societal development and general lifestyle changes. Tetraplan has experience in assessing the trends: e.g. the reasons for the rise in the number of cyclists in Copenhagen, the reasons why fewer use public transport and under what circumstances a ring road for cyclist will attract more users.