• Assessment of Traffic Impact

    From knowledge to action

  • Public Transport

    Buses, trains and metro

  • Strategic Plans

    Looking ahead

  • Freight Transport

    Mapping and solutions

  • ITS

    Intelligent Trafficmanagement and IT-solutions

  • The Transport Users

  • Research Projects

    Tetraplan in research

  • EU Projects and International Collaboration

    Tetraplan is a capable partner

  • Transport and Traffic Modeling

    A tool for more qualified planning and decision-making

  • Trafikale konsekvenser
  • Case - Busplan Randers
  • Service og efterspørgsel
  • Case - Modulvogntog
  • Trafikprognoser
  • Case - Busplan i Ringsted
  • Case - Era-net
  • Indgang
  • Trafikstatistik
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    The issues of the impact of traffic are many, including noise, safety and environment. We can assist in assessments to predict which impacts to expect and, at a later stage, which impacts have in fact materialised.

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    In general the issues of public transport address the management of bus-, train-   and metro facilities.  But in essence the challenge is to provide transport for people between homes, jobs, education, shopping facilities, spare time, weekend and holiday arrangements of all kinds.

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    Strategic plans will bridge the gap between the current situation and future goals. Based on the situation today, strategic plans can map the steps needed, and list combinations of tools, to get the desired future.

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    Efficient freight systems are essential for economic development, as timely deliverances are the key to the competitiveness of companies. Congestion and extended environmental regulation push for more efficient freight systems, economically as well as environmentally.

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    ITS-solutions can make life easier. They can e.g. enlarge the capacity of the road network and make vital data collection easier. But the right IT-solutions demands a firm hand, from tendering to implementation.

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    To get an overview of traffic flows, counts and mapping in the field is not always sufficient. If you need a better idea of the motives, preferences or opinions of the user, you need to ask them.

  • We build solutions on knowledge

    Tetraplan participates in a number of research projects. We choose to participate in projects that matches our competences  - and where we can learn more through participation. The most resent being:

  • Tetraplan is an entrance to international projects

    Tetraplan has since the start been working internationally. We have also participated in numerous EU projects often as lead partner/project coordinator.