Transtools 2

TRANS-TOOLS recalibration

Model improvements and scenario calculations

Together with the original Tenconnect consortium Tetraplan was awarded the contract from the EU Commission to update and recalibrate the TransTools 2.0 software, and on the basis of this recalibration to assist the Commission with a number of scenario calculations on the future of transport in Europe, the Ten-T network and impacts of transportation with regard e.g. to economy, energy consumption, GHG and emissions.

The work was conducted from late 2010 to early summer 2011 based on accelerated project plan with a complicated interaction between the partners of the project.

The results of the project were a new vastly improved version of the TRANS-TOOLS software package, with a vast number of improvements in relation to version 2.0.

Tetraplan performed as Project Coordinator (lead partner) on behalf of the international consortium consisting of nine partners:

Rapidis (Denmark)

MCRIT (Spain)

ISIS (Italy)

University of Leeds/ITS (G.B.)

Carl Albrechts University (Germany)

BMT Hi-Q Sigma (G.B.)

NEA (The Netherlands)

DTU-Transport (Denmark)