Traffic Modeling in the Greater Copenhagen Area

Tetraplan has used the OTM model to assess traffic and traffic impacts

Tetraplan has during the last 10 years performed a number of analyses of the increasing traffic to / from the center of large cities. We have for example been deeply involved in the investigations of alternative locations to a toll ring around Copenhagen, Denmark.

Consequently, we hold the specific know-how to model and investigate how a toll ring - or other forms of "congestion adjustments" - will effect traffic volumes, economy, air pollution, etc.

In a recent analyses Tetraplan used the "OTM 5" model tool a sophisticated traffic model for the Greater Copenhagen area including all forms of freight and transport of individuals including public transport, cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

Tetraplan has used the model to investigate:

  • The motorway network around Copenhagen,
  • An expansion of the Copenhagen Metro
  • A tramway in the Ring 3-corridor
  • An assessment of a harbor tunnel in Copenhagen,
  • A assessment of the traffic impacts of new urban development in Copenhagen
  • The impact of congestion charging in different forms of a toll ring around Copenhagen

The model calculates traffic and distribution of transport on routes under given assumptions regarding infrastructure and transport services, as well as urban planning and demography.

Tetraplan has more than 15 years of experience to use, interpret and communicate the results of the model. We have developed larger parts of the model and the latest improvements to the OTM version 5.