FehmarnBelt DK Tunnel Entrance

The Fehmernbelt Transport – trends and patterns

Passenger and freight traffic between Scandinavia and main-land Europe

Tetraplan has performed an analysis of the present trends and patterns in surface transport of passenger and freight related to the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link. The focus was on traffic crossing either the land-based border between Germany and Denmark (the "green" border), or the southern part of the Baltic Sea by ferry (the "blue" border).

The analysis was based in the results of studies conducted during 2010 by COWI Consult (passenger transport) and TETRAPLAN A/S (freight transport) in relation to the work on the Danish National Transport Model.

Femern a/s asked Tetraplan to use the available information from the two surveys and to digest it into a publication aimed at the general public supplemented with the latest available figures on traffic between Scandinavia and main land Europe.

The present transport volumes and modal split are put into a future perspective, and details of special interest to the general public concerning the transport between Scandinavia and main land Europe are highlighted.

The project was carried out by a team of consultants from Tetraplan in close collaboration with Fermen a/s during the spring and summer of 2012. The report is planned to be published by Femern a/s during winter of 2012-13 in English and possibly later in other languages.

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