Interconnections between passenger transport networks

The INTERCONNECT project is working on creating improved interconnections between short and long distance passenger transport networks to make the passenger transport in the EU more efficient and reduce the environmental impact from passenger transport.

INTERCONNECT is concerned with the role of local and regional interconnections in the context of longer distance passenger journeys. Effective interconnection between trip legs is a necessary feature of a growing proportion of passenger journeys, particularly of those which contribute most to regional and national economies. Effective interconnection requires the provision of integrated networks and services which are attractive to potential users and this is likely to require cooperation between a range of authorities and providers in the public and private sectors and may necessitate a wider vision than might otherwise prevail.

INTERCONNECT focuses on breaking down institutional barriers, identify possible investments and new methods to improve interconnectivity. The aim is to develop a wide-ranging tool box with tools to improve the interconnections between short and long distance passenger transport networks.

In the project Tetraplan is responsible for:

  • Identifying data on transport habits for passengers in the EU countries
  • Identifying and analysing relevant national transport plans
  • A number of case studies
  • Setting up conference and hosting of round table sessions with relevant stakeholders
  • Dissemination of project results

The INTERCONNECT Project is financed by the EU Commissions' 7th Framework Programme and is carried our in cooperation with six international partners.