Visions for future Freight Transport

Developing visions and action plans for transport and technology policy in the EU

In the light of the need for reductions in emissions from freight transport and the increase of congestion on the European transport infrastructure, the EU has to deal with the following challenges in the freight sector: Ensure and increase economic growth and deal with an increase of freight transport demand, while at the same time reduce environmental emissions, dependency on fossil energy and accidents, and avoid congestion and other negative impacts on the environment and the population.

The project has developed a long-term vision and robust and adaptive action plans for both transport policy and technology policy, made with the involvement of the relevant stakeholders in the project process, in order to achieve a sustainable long-distance freight transport.

In the project Tetraplan has been involved in:

  • Stakeholder identification and involvement
  • Research on relevant national policy documents and key demonstration projects
  • Development of scenarios, vision and action plan for transport and technology policy