Era Net


Facilitating trans-national funding cooperation in the field of transport research

Tetraplan has been participating in the European research cooperation ERA-NET TRANSPORT (ENT) since 2004. As a core partner and as part of the secretariat, Tetraplan is involved in:

  • Managing and developing the network
  • Supporting the research funding initiatives
  • Conducting studies and workshops
  • Disseminating results

ENT is a sustainable network of national transport research programmes in Europe. ENT is also a service platform for programme managers, which provides the required framework to initiate and implement trans-national funding cooperation. It actively provides support and knowledge about contacts, national programmes, suitable cooperation procedures and programming practices for successful transport research.

At present 13 EU Member States and associated countries participate in this European initiative and more are about to enter the network. The cooperation is funded by the European Commission under FP7.

Please use the link on the right side to find all available information on ENT, its results and action groups, as well as valuable data on research programmes, calls and events in the field of transport research.