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EMS test

Emissions, congestion and safety

Can longer and heavier road trains (EMS) help reducing emissions from freight transport?

To assess the direct and indirect effects on congestion, environment and traffic safety from the use of EMS (European Modular System), the Danish Parliament decided to put in operation a 3-year test with EMS on parts of the Danish road network.

The test runs from 2008 to 2011 and during the test the use of EMS is recorded, while different effects on particular traffic environment and road safety are explored. Eventually the data and experiences of the test will form part of an economic analysis of the consequences of use of EMS, and its effects in reducing emissions from freight transport on road.

Tetraplan is working on:

  • Collecting data and analyzing data from different sources
  • Conducting interviews with companies and drivers
  • Conducting focus group interviews with various stakeholder groups
  • Continuously assessing the effects of the use of road trains