• Marie Bangsbo Andersen

    Transport Planner

  • Peter Engelund

    Senior Transport Planner, IT Project Leader

  • Marianne Juel Eriksen


  • Michael Henriques

    Senior Transport Planner, Project Leader

  • Jakob Høj

    Senior Transport Planner, Project Leader

  • Hans Martin Johansen

    Transport Planner, Project Leader

  • Helena Kyster-Hansen

    Senior Transport Planner, Project Leader

  • Thomas Markersen


  • Jan Nielsen

    Senior Transport Planner, Partner and co-founder of Tetraplan

  • Søren Saugstrup Nielsen

    Transport Planner

  • Henrik Paag

    Managing Director, Senior Transport Planner

  • MBA
  • PE
  • MJE
  • MH
  • JaH
  • HMJ
  • HKH
  • TM
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  • SN
  • HP
  • Contact Marie Bangsbo Andersen: +453373 7128 kd/nalpartet//abm

    Marie holds a M.Sc. in Transport. Her main field of expertise is complex transport modelling, impact assessments and the management of large and complex data.  In addition she is engaged in national and international freight transport. She has participated in a number of EU projects such as TENconnect og TRANSvisions.

  • Contact Peter Engelund: +453373 7130 kd/nalpartet//ep

    Peter holds a M.Sc. in Operation analysis, Statistics and IT. These competences are utilized in technical feasibility studies, including technical specifications for large and complex IT-systems and development of IT-systems for the trans-port sector. He has expert knowledge in the development of route planning tools and digital road network as well as of the collection of speed data through mobile GPS-units. Peter has also served in large EU funded projects e.g. TENconnect. ETISplus (FP7), etc.

  • Contact Marianne Juel Eriksen: +453373 7100 kd/nalpartet//ejm

    Marianne holds a Diploma in Specialised Business Studies. She has the day-to-day responsibility for the secretariat and the daily contacts to our tenants. Marianne is also in charge of invoicing, salary and many other service related tasks.

  • Contact Michael Henriques: +45 3373 7115 kd/nalpartet//hm
  • Contact Jakob Høj: +453373 7123 kd/nalpartet//haj

    Jakob holds a M.Sc. in Transport & Urban Planning. He is responsible for the operational management of traffic- and environmental projects of municipalities. He has extensive experience of developing transport and environmental action plans, mobility plans, as well as the technical and environmental assessment of road plans and transport. Jakob is also highly competent in all technical and practical aspects of setting up and operating municipal transport models and has specialist knowledge of mapping and abating road noise both on a strategic and local level.

  • Contact Hans Martin Johansen: +453373 7147 kd/nalpartet//jmh

    Hans holds a M.Sc. in Transport and is primarily involved with large assessments of traffic flows and effects of transport.  He has special expertise in transport modelling, where he combines his extraordenary undestanding of IT, data management and modelling. Hans also develops new add-ons, which facilitate and streamline the analysis of very large data samples.

  • Contact Helena Kyster-Hansen: +453373 7132 kd/nalpartet//hkh

    Helena has more than 25 years of experience, especially in the railway sector, focusing on freight and intermodal transport. For more than 12 years she has been responsible for implementing numerous projects in Scandinavia and internationally. Her key fields of work are market analysis and operational management, new activities and innovative concepts for transport operations and logistics. Helena has been involved in several EU-projects, among others: Freightvision, TEN-Connect and TransBaltic.

  • Contact Thomas Markersen: +453373 7100 kd/nalpartet//mt

    Thomas is a trained IT-supporter, an expert of Windows servers and responsible for IT support and development in Tetraplan. As a programmer he has developed IT-systems for, amongst others, the Danish Road Directorate and is also responsible for a number of the systems used by Tetraplan.

  • Contact Jan Nielsen: +453373 7112 kd/nalpartet//nj

    Jan holds a M.Sc. in Transport. Jan has more than 25 years of experience in design of pc-models to map and analyse transport related effects. He has a comprehensive knowledge of data handling, analysis and presentations of complex databases, combined with a through know-how of transport planning. The latest 6 years he has engaged in real-time-data based on GPS and mobile technology and how data can be implemented on digital maps. From 1994-2005 Jan was managing director of Tetraplan.

  • Contact Søren Saugstrup Nielsen: +453373 7135 kd/nalpartet//ns

    Søren holds a M.Sc. in Economic Geography. As a geographer Søren has a broad approach to transport planning. His focus is on the interaction between transport and society, especially the environmental and socioeconomic relations. He works with projects on both freight and passenger transport and has been involved in two EU funded projects; FreightVision and INTERCONNECT. In addition he also has an extensive knowledge of car and truck technology.

  • Contact Henrik Paag: +453373 7126 kd/nalpartet//ph

    Henrik holds a M.Sc. in Transport. He has 25 years of extensive experience as Project Manager and Transport Planner on a number of major transport planning projects in both Denmark and abroad. These projects range from evaluation and appraisal of new infra­structure or changes in existing transport services, to traffic forecasts for all modes of transport. He has comprehensive experience in transport modelling, particularly with respect to the OTM transport model for the Greater Copenhagen Area.