About Tetraplan

Finding mobility solutions

Tetraplan is an independent consultant in the field of transport planning and modelling. We produce solid solutions, mainly in Denmark and Sweden. We are also engaged in EU projects, both under the framework programmes and via service contracts.

In Tetraplan we want to be the best in our field and we continuously search for new and innovative solutions to the challenges in transport. We draw form a wide pallet of tools and competences and apply them to the problem at hand. To maintain the high level of competence we participate in national and international R&D projects, alone or in cooperation with other highly qualified European partners.

We strive to be a little different from the rest: A small company that quickly adapts to new tasks and new methods within our field of expertise. We value a good and challenging work environment. And close relations to our customers and partners, before, during and after the task is completed.

Our main fields of expertise are

We are also engaged in a number of research projects with partners across Europe.